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Accept this challenge!
We are waiting for you at the most recent escape room from Bucharest and experience a great adventure. Come and play The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones”!

It will be hard, you’ll have to face many challenges and pass difficult traps from the ancient temple. Indiana Jones went in search for one of the most desired artifacts, The Holy Grail, but he disappeared for some time without anyone knowing whether he is alive or dead. You, his student, worrying for him, decided to start a journey for finding him.

Finally, after a long-lasting search and many days spent, deciphering the notes in his office and following a map from his journal, you arrived at the ancient temple from Escape Arena where it looks like Indiana Jones has been seen entering the last time.



Grab your friends, become Indiana Jones’s students and start the journey for finding The Holy Grail. We are waiting for you at the best escape room from Bucharest.


The sand in the hourglass flows faster when you are immersed in the game.
The basic rules remain the same!

The Arena is your ally

You have no success solving the puzzle? Don’t panic!
The arena guardian can give you maximum three clues at your request. Use them wisely in case you feel stuck.

Become a gladiator

We are not just another escape room. The fascinating adventure you will have will take you through a world of mystery sprinkled with adrenaline, extreme situations and unforgivable memories.

Beware of your rival

You will lead a battle for discovering clues. The captivating scenery will distract your attention but a true gladiator can overcome any challenge.

All for one

…one for all! You won’t enter the arena by yourself but together with 1-4 friends. Team diversity is limited by the minimum age of 12 yo and children under 15 yo can only enter the room accompanied.

Overcome your limits

Teamwork and individual skills will help you overcome every challenge in your journey full of mysteries.

75 minutes in the arena

Time goes quickly once you enter the room, you will have only 75 minutes to get out. If you manage to overcome all obstacles, it means that you are a true gladiator. When the time has elapsed, the doors will open and the arena guardian will give you a new challenge if you feel up to it.


75 minutes - the time is running out...

*The Escape Arena team recommend 4 players for a great experience.

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Monday - Sunday


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50 RON/p

*The Escape Arena team recommend 4 players for a great experience.

*The payment can me made by cash or credit/debit card. The offers are not cumulative.


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