Recenzii Indiana Jones Escape Room

Foarte misto experienta! Abia astept sa revenim la Escape Room Arena pentru Hobbit!

Elena Stefan
Elena Stefan2021-03-16

We recently visited The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones escape room, Escape Arena's debut room. It was our first escape room ever and what an absolute thrill it was, from beginning to end! The room is intricate in both visual design and special effects. The puzzles are very intelligent, engaging and flow well with the mysterious story. The difficulty was just right for our first experience of this kind. Also, the story is very good, in line with the Indiana Jones universe and the mythology is very well documented. Last but not least, our host was very friendly, patient and helpful and did his best so we could have a blast. In conclusion, as Indy would say, this escape room DOES NOT belong in a museum, but in the high praises of people seeking adventure of the highest quality. Thank you, Escape Arena! We'll meet again.

Andrei-Mihai V
Andrei-Mihai V2021-03-11

Recomand cu caldura! 75 de minute am uitat ca sunt la escape room si ne-am simtit exact ca intr-un film cu indiana Jones!

Alexandru Alex
Alexandru Alex2021-03-02

Super camera Indiana Jones, ne-am distrat maxim! P.S. Gmemaster-ul a fost foarte amabil si ne-a ajutat de fiecare data cand am avut nevoie! Multumim Alex!

Damaschin Sorin
Damaschin Sorin2021-03-02

The best experience for the weekend! We have a lot of fun! All the clues and mechanisms are excellently constructed and it really is a real challenge! We can't wait for the next challenge to open!

Andreea B
Andreea B2021-02-27

Overall: Very well done Indiana Jones escape room Room Design: Very well constructed props that immersed you in the tombs of an ancient Egyptian Pyramid Puzzles: Puzzles were not the simple find the key or open the lock, puzzle mechanics were very well made and designed to fit nicely into the style of the room. Additionally, they offered a fairly hard challenge. Host: Very friendly, speaks great English and very passionate about escape room. A pleasure to have a conversation with after the room was done. Team America (3 People) beat the room in 54 minutes


O experienta de 5 stele!

O experiență minunată , cu o camera complet automatizata și incitantă. Cea mai complexa camera de excape room vizitată până acum, cu personal foarte primitor. Recomand cu încredere oricui !

Really cool escape room!

Hell Boy
Hell Boy2021-02-23

5 stars!

In the past years I visited several Escape Rooms in Bucharest but I can easily say that none of them compared with Escape Arena. The experience was carefully crafted and the setting and special effects were incredibile.


We had a lot of fun. The room had a lot of puzzles, nice pictures and it was verb captivating. Thank you for a lovely experiente!


Really fun experience, the decorations were extremely detailed, and the staff acted in a really friendly and polite manner. Definitely recommend this one to any escape room enthusiast.

Anoaica D
Anoaica D2020-10-31

went to Indiana Jones and it very very awesome with lots of puzzles and hidden doors and traps. You have to go to this roomn you will like it, I can guarantee it! we went 8 people, butI think 4 is enough. The guy from the escape arena is cool and helped is a bit we were struggling with some puzzles. I recommended 10 out 10!


Impressive experience. The #1 room I’ve had the pleasure to play so far. The decors are marvellous and create a great immersion throughout the game. Progression is smooth and makes sense from start to finish with a succession of automated mechanisms. No random locks here and there in that room. We were 5 and I would recommend a 3-5 party for this one. Thanks EscapeArena!


The room was very interesting with hard clues but exciting puzzles. Really recommend to visit. The stuff is very nice and helpful. At the end you will get a nice picture.


The experience was amazing. The story and the room are really awesome!!! The host was really nice and the overall experience was amazing! I really recommend the experience


Very interactive experience! I loved the puzzles very diverse and intriguing! The decorations are very immersive and very nice made! I loved the staff also very prompt and helpful when needed!


It was a great experience, interactive and cool games. I definitely recommend it if you wanna spent an afternoon with your friends.


Great job guys!!! Already waiting for your next room.

Our group was aged from 53 down to 10 and we all had an absolute blast with this escape room - it's a really high quality room with good puzzles and surprises. It's also very faithful to the tone of the Indiana Jones movies.


חדר בריחה מעולה, קשה ומפחיד אבל מהנה מאוד. יומלץ ביותר! הגענו משפחה הורים וארבעה אחים ויצאנו מלאים אנגרנלין! כל הכבוד!


Fully automated, puzzles keep on coming and mysteries are yet to be revealed. For somebody that hates egyptian themed escape rooms, this one was by far the best in its's category and it is no in m top 3 rooms in Bucharest, cannot decide if it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd, but it is for sure a top room.


If you love escape rooms, this is the one to play. The room is well made, you need to pay attention to all the details and when you finish the room you can actually understand how good the room trully is. We had a blast. Kudos to them!